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Elledes, Master, Iowa

Looking for a full-time Slave


Elledes : I will be in control of everything. You will have no power or decision making abilities. You will be used and abused as I see fit. I am looking for a monogamous slave over 18 who is either a sissy fem[...]

Dom Simon

Dom Simon, Master, New York

Dominant man seeking a bitch to own and train


Dom Simon : I'm a dominant man seeking a serious sub to own or a potential wannabe to train. I'm looking for someone worthy of my leash and domination. Are you ready to give yourself willingly and selflessly ? Ar[...]

Master Kelly

Master Kelly, Master, Texas

Looking for Submissive Males


Master Kelly : Hello,

I'm Master Kelly, Searching for submissive males ready to serve me for my pleasure and wholeheartedly. With me you'll find real BDSM, domination, bondage and rough sex as my sex[...]

Master Kelly

Master Kelly, Master, California

Looking for submissive males


Master Kelly : Hello, I'm Master Kelly, searching for submissive slaves to use for my pleasure and help explore their kinky nature. With me you'll find real BDSM, domination, bondage and rough sex as my sexy dominat[...]

Edward, Master, Florida

I'm looking for a toilet girl


Edward : It doesn't matter if she's trained or not.

All that does matter, is her willingness to be my toilet.

If she's interested, snapchat me at jjalarie.[...]

Mr.Master, Master, California

Experienced master seeking submissive women or slave


Mr.Master : Iím an experienced master/ daddy dom. I am seeking a slave/ submissive girl that is ready to fully submit. Iím very dominant and kinky but also loving and caring. Iím tall white male 31 in decent shap[...]

y2aj777, Master, California

Master seeking sexy slave girl


y2aj777 : I'm an experienced Dom and have pleasured many subs over the years. I am open to all experience levels of subs.

I'm looking for a dirty minded girl that gets wet just at the idea of doi[...]


stephen327, Master, Arizona

Master Stephen seeking a Slave


stephen327 : Experienced safe, sane kinky, strict master looking for an honest, open minded submissive female to train. Ltr potential, seeking a live in or consistent Slave. I demand total dedication and subservie[...]

Master Macaveli , Master, Texas

In need to train a sissy, slut, little and slave


Master Macaveli : Listen up sissycunt, I want to have a fantastic relationship with you as My obedient slave and I look forward with much excitement to train with strict discipline.. Google chat: 9mastermacaveli@[...]

Dom247, Master, Georgia

Submit to me for joy


Dom247 : I get it you are lost.
But not a lost cause ; you simply need guidance.
A push in the right direction.
Perhaps a helping hand.
A life line in not often found in these dark [...]

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