BDSM practitioners from state Maryland : see personals


PrimeHunter, Dominant Female, Maryland

Experience Domme looking for submissve partner


PrimeHunter : I need someone able to commit themselves selflessly with the knowledge of me trying to meet their needs every moment spent together, in my past relationships I've found most people who claim to know a[...]


MistressAbbie, Domme, Maryland

Strict mistress looking for a longterm relationship with submissive male


MistressAbbie : I am 29f, blonde, average body, 5'7, 160lbs, I live here in Frederick Maryland. I love cooking, dancing, cycling, listening to music and playing video games. Kinkwise : - I am into anything anal : - [...]

Slave cd Jo Jo

Slave cd Jo Jo, Cross Dresser, Maryland

Crossdresser sex slave girl seeking ownership


Slave cd Jo Jo : Hello I go by Joie or Jo Jo I am a closet crossdresser slave girl seeking to be owned by an older experience master, this is my first first time putting myself out there to be owned, I consider myself[...]

Slave Sissy Johanna

Slave Sissy Johanna, Sissy Slut, Maryland

Sissy crossdress trained slave girl seeking ownership of master


Slave Sissy Johanna : First time posting on here.
I am Johanna when dressed I absolutely love hardcore bondage from chains cuffs metal devices and more I am into I want to serve a great master dress as his slave gir[...]

TheMechanix, Master, Maryland

Controlled Pleasure Training


TheMechanix : Seeking submissive women and trans-women who enjoy bondage, toy play, e-stim, machine play, looking to see what your orgasmic limit is and break it. Sessions will be always safe and all about you this[...]

BigDawg, Curious Male, Maryland

Looking to be someone's playtoy to be opened up and played with.


BigDawg : I want to be with to men at the same time taking it from both ends. I really want to be explored by a woman in my ass. I would Love to taste and swallow loads of cum. Would love to lay under a woman a[...]

pegme, Pegging, Maryland

Cunning Linguist Seeking Aunt Peggy


pegme : Seeking women who will pound my ass and allow me to eat their pussy. Although it does not have to be in that order. I also have a mechanical fucking machine if you are interested[...]

Isaiah G

Isaiah G, Submissive Male, Maryland

My Goddesses living toilet


Isaiah G : Hello goddess I'm 20 years old willing to serve I'm located in Reisterstown and my kinks are annaligus, cunnalingus, foot worship, and human toilet, hard sports, vomit consumption, diarrhea, spit, t[...]


soulseeker, Domme, Maryland

Experienced mistress seeking to own a slave


soulseeker : I desire a submissive who will always prioritize my pleasure and worship the ground i walk on. I'm quite big on feet, pegging, orgasm control/denial, sensual deprivation, role playing, all forms of bo[...]

Trash, Fetish Male, Maryland

I am a human ashtray for my female who bags me up with her trash while useing me as her ashtray


Trash : I would like to be bagged as a woman's trash either in a compactor or dumpster and used as her ashtray until she is done and decides if she's ganna let me out or keep me bagged. I would pretty much di[...]

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