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Lady Alexis

Lady Alexis, Dominant Female, North Carolina

Are you ready to be whipped, choked, spit on, and so much more ??


Lady Alexis : I am a mix between a dominant female and a dominatrix. I will put you on a leash and treat you like the dog you are, whip you, choke you, urinate on you, do things to you you couldn't possibly imagine[...]


Misssherry85, Dominant Female, Florida

Do you want to be owned by Mistress Sherry ? Let's play a scene in my dungeon ?


Misssherry85 : I want to meet a someone who is ready to serve and willing to obey the Goddess, I want to explore... Newbie, older and inexperienced slaves/subs are welcome let's experiment the BDSM world.[...]


GoddessAlexis86, Dominant Female, Florida

Goddess Alexis want to train, own and create an amazing play scene with a slave..


GoddessAlexis86 : I want a slave who is ready and willing be trained, either there are limits or no limits... I want a real 24/7 Slave, Older and ready to serve and MEET.[...]


missma, Dominant Female, Texas

Do you like to be owned by Mistress Suzanna ???


missma : Do you want to be owned and ready to serve Goddess Suzanna without disobedient and willing to be my Sub/Slave ? Can we communicate through hangout let's see how it goes ?[...]


GoddessAlexis85, Dominant Female, Florida

Do you like to be owned by Mistress Alexis?


GoddessAlexis85 : Do you like to be owned by Mistress Alexis,I always tend to nurture my sub into being who is comfortable with his sexuality , able to enjoy everything that he wants to without feeling guilty about it [...]

Mistress alexa

Mistress alexa, Dominant Female, Washington

Tacoma dungeon gag


Mistress alexa : Fat ass alot squirting Coco.mimi94@aol Dom female for male Sauna bubble bath Watersports Is there anything you like me to add I'll keep boggy pony ride till you cum[...]


GoddessGranny, Dominant Female, Florida

I am seeking for a very serious sub


GoddessGranny : I am a mistress that wishes to have a slave as my own personal pet and for my personal use only... I want a slave that will allow me use him for my pleasure, I want to assure you that with me you will[...]


MhizJessy, Dominant Female, South Carolina

Looking for a real Sub


MhizJessy : I am a mistress seeking a long term servitude with a submissive male who knows his place and knows what he really want and knowing that his pleasure should come from pleasing his mistress always. I wa[...]


Jenevelyn, Dominant Female, New York

Fetches for night fun


Jenevelyn : I'm looking for night fun preferably Trans or submissive slave to explore my kinks with. My kinks goes as follow : Medical Fet, Tickling, Forced feminization, Cock and ball torture, Needles, Whipping[...]


Alexis, Dominant Female, North Carolina

Are you ready to follow my every command bitch?!


Alexis : I enjoy finding a submissive pussy that I can spank with paddles and whips, facesitting, making them suck my toes, putting clamps on their balls/Titties, arm washing, making them drink water my feet h[...]

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