master from state Virginia : see personals

Jason, Master, Virginia

Seeking a submissive male/female


Jason : I desire a submissive who will obey and not question my authority as a Master, I'm open to long distance and in person relationships. I do verification videos first so we both know we are serious.[...]

Master Norman , Master, Virginia

Seeking a sub into Long distance relationship/in person


Master Norman : I seek a submissive submissive male/female who would be happy to be my du*my and toy to use and abu*e and would love to get humiliated every single day, im open to long distance relationship as well.[...]

Master Dom, Master, Virginia

Looking for obedient male or female slaves


Master Dom : I am online interested in online slaves only that will take pictures and videos doing as I say if you want to pay me that is fine to but I expect you to do everything I say without question if you und[...]

Stalin 71182, Master, Virginia

Scat toilet vomit cum snorting pig


Stalin 71182 : Looking for a slave that would get down with vomiting on my dick being chained up in my bathroom and being my fuck pig that likes to snort up my cum and will be my toilet/toilet paper.[...]

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