BDSM practitioners from state Washington : see personals


Goddess, Dominant Female, Washington

Seeking a submissive to be his keyholder


Goddess : I am typically looking for someone local to meet, train, and dominate in the good BDSM lifestyle. Also, I'm very serious about a 24/7 dominant relationship with the right slave.[...]


IM-ABDUCTED, Fetish Male, Washington

Abducted by a female sadist



What happens next depends on how far you want to take it.

No pros, no money exchanged, no LTR.

Just pur[...]


GUILTY, Submissive Male, Washington

Seeking psycho-sexual female sadist


GUILTY : 54 year old male, decent looking, in shape... Seeking to be abducted, tortured and enslaved by a psycho-sexual female sadist.

This is real and ub2.

No money will be paid.[...]


CRIME VICTIM, Submissive Male, Washington

Seeking extreme female sadist punisher to commit a crime against me


CRIME VICTIM : Seeking non-professional female sadist to kidnap and torture me. There are no limits that I will mention here. No $$ involved. Please live somewhat near me or be willing to travel.


SLAVE-4-LESBIANS, Submissive Male, Washington

Seeking sexy sadistic lesbian couple to punish me


SLAVE-4-LESBIANS : Decent looking, in shape guy seeking intelligent, sexy and sadistic lesbian couple to kidnap and punish me with no limits.

Seeking extreme experience.

Release form/no lia[...]


SCAT-MAN-SLAVE-4-U, Male for Piss And Scat, Washington

Make me eat your shit and torture me woman! (seattle area only) i


SCAT-MAN-SLAVE-4-U : NO Mistresses, NO money paid. NO relationships. I have come to realize that this is all that I am worth. Make me eat your shit if that turns you on. I am also open to being tortured by a woman but the[...]


UR-VICTIM, Submissive Male, Washington

Kidnapped and tortured by a woman


UR-VICTIM : As the headline reads only. No pro-dom's, no mistresses, no "seeking slave" responses, no relationship. No money paid.

Photo will be required immediately.

You must be int[...]


UR-SCAT-VICTIM, Male for Piss And Scat, Washington

Make me to eat your ice cream and so much more.


UR-SCAT-VICTIM : NOTE : Once we connect, I'll send you a frontal photo.

I have met some decent women at this site but none who have been extreme enough for me and willing to take complete control. (Wher[...]


EricM, Fetish Male, Washington

Want to be kidnapped and tortured by a woman


EricM : NO DOMs, NO MONEY PAID. Do not answer as Mistress anything.

Please mention Torture or Tortured in your response or I will delete it.

You must be a female sexual sadist wh[...]

Bad boy 32, Dominant Man, Washington

Looking for submissive women for sex when I want it


Bad boy 32 : Hello I am a male dominant.
I am looking for a women young or middle age.
Who is want, s'to be a submissive sex slave she must be willing to do anything I say when we r'together, where e[...]

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