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Mhize Betty

Mhize Betty, Dominant Female, Rhode Island

Mistress seeking for a serious Slave to serve and worship her hot body


Mhize Betty : I am a dominate female, a sadist, a single lady, and have been in poly relationships since the age of 20, I am a sadistic, cruel sensual, gorgeous supernatural dominant lady, gifted with wisdom and un[...]

Hambone69curious, Curious Male, Rhode Island

Curious male looking for a pretty dom female


Hambone69curious : I'm looking for a pretty dom female. Spanking. Smoking drinking and some drgs ok. Mutually beneficial but curious about a lot of things. Want to try something new.

Rufdymnd, Submissive Male, Rhode Island

Sissy wanna be


Rufdymnd : Seek a Male Dom for strictly enforced feminization.
I have not been en femme in front of anyone before.
I am quite nervous about it but I am very interested in experiencing in real time.[...]


Tycer26, Submissive Male, Rhode Island

Slave looking for mistress for long term relationship


Tycer26 : Slave looking to be owned and collared by mistress for 24/7 long term relationship for female led relationship close by for in person not online if interested kik me at RLFTC.[...]

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