BDSM practitioners from state Minnesota : see personals


Matti, Submissive Male, Minnesota

Looking for an aggressive dominatrix


Matti : 32 years old, submissive male in need of an aggressive woman who won't hold back while disciplining me with physical and mental pain.
I am Slave type. I'm looking for pain, humiliation and any [...]

Adriamiss27, Mistress, Minnesota

I want a submissive man


Adriamiss27 : I'm sadistic femdom goddess with some serious control freak tendencies I'm a very experienced Mistress with alot of kinks so it doesn't matter if you're new to this lifestyle or not.. Your dedication [...]


Toiletgangrape, Male for Piss And Scat, Minnesota

Full service toilet slave here hosting in downtown MPLS


Toiletgangrape : Door is unlocked 24/7, Master wants me brutally orally and anally abused hard, face and body body slapping, punching, force feed me your piss, cum, scat, arm pits, I'm naturally hairless everywhere, t[...]


FreeUseFuckSlave, BDSM party, Minnesota

Sexy naturally hairless transfeminine male here Hosting Anonymous Dark Apt Walk-in's


FreeUseFuckSlave : Sexy naturally hairless transfeminine male here Hosting Anonymous Dark Apt Walk-in's.
Every Saturday from 10pm to 6am My apt door will be unlocked,
Just walk in and plug a hole, there ar[...]

Subbetaboi90, Male for Piss And Scat, Minnesota

Looking to Serve Alpha Men as their toilet


Subbetaboi90 : I'd love to meet someone who I could periodically or ongoing and be their toilet. I want a man to piss and or shit on or in me. Discreet a must. Full service.[...]


ToiletForWoman, Male for Piss And Scat, Minnesota

Toilet for any and all woman out there


ToiletForWoman : You must be in my state, Prefer my city, No I'm not looking for a Mistress, I am not looking for a femdom either, Just any woman that would be interested in feeding me regularly. come from anoth[...]


ExpertOralFuckSlave, Men slave, Minnesota

Sexy naturally hairless oral slave for men


ExpertOralFuckSlave : 6'7.190, brown hair with deep blue eyes, I'm very Submissive and passionate.
I'm 100% passive meaning its extremely easy to dominate and control me,
I have my own bondage gear and if req[...]


Toiletgangrape, BDSM party, Minnesota

Full service toilet slave here hosting in downtown MPLS,


Toiletgangrape : Every Saturday from 3am to 12 noon come over to my apt and feed me your piss, shit, spit, and cum, watch others sit on my face and push out everything and me chewing and swallowing everything, i'm al[...]


linda, BDSM party, Minnesota

Looking for master


linda : My name is Linda.. I'm slave slave looking for a master to start a new life and served my new master with my heart and i'm ready to do whatever my master want and if you are interested text me (813) 3[...]


Mac, Submissive Male, Minnesota

Looking to pay Mistress models for content creation.


Mac : I'm looking to pay mistresses good money to film short sessions for content creation. My channel is all about face sitting, foot worship, smothering, spit, humiliation and the most popular video types[...]

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