BDSM practitioners from state Iowa : see personals

Sissybit, Sissy Slut, Iowa

Looking for real mistress !!! Lifestyle in real life


Sissybit : Have a lot to offer, want nothing other than be real into lifestyle, have kinks and fetishes and limits. Hit me up because i can only find fakes all the time and kind of sick of it ![...]

Rubbergurl, Sissy Slut, Iowa

Looking for complete transformation from a REAL Mistress asap


Rubbergurl : I am into everything except being a toilet slave ! I love bondage, impact play, water sports, enemas, abdl, mtf forced feminization, pegging, large toys, big insertions, edge play. To name a few. If y[...]

Bbc seeker, Sissy Slut, Iowa

Looking to be a rubber doll human sex doll !


Bbc seeker : Would like to have a group of bbc, maybe 3-4, and have them put it to me. I think I can handle 3-4 but my friend doesn't think so. If can make this happen, I would be totally in doll rubber suit compl[...]

Veronica , Sissy Slut, Iowa

Sissy slut for use and training irl!


Veronica : Want to be a sissy slut cumdump! See if I css as not get the forced feminization training I so need! Hard to find anyone real that even knows a bbc let alone two or three of them. Willing to serve to [...]

Lizzybeth, Sissy Slut, Iowa

Looking for perverted mistress or master


Lizzybeth : Wanna be force feminized completely and owned to be pimped out and made into anatomically correct female ! Sooner the better ! Please help me I am needing this so badly ![...]

Lizzydoll, Sissy Slut, Iowa

Sissy needs to have a real mistress ! No fakes or bs mistresses


Lizzydoll : Be owned and used by mistress to be in gangbangs and whored out ! To become anatomically correct female ! Be put in restraints and stretched to limits ?![...]

Lizzy, Sissy Slut, Iowa

Older sissy looking for owner/pimp


Lizzy : Into anything except not a toilet slave, just hmu if you want a sissy that will do anything. I will be a great virgin candidate for your experiments[...]


Kathryn, Dominant Female, Iowa

Looking for a submissive male to own


Kathryn : I'm single looking to have fun and enjoy every thing sweet about it, I want a slave or submissive to worship me and adore every beautiful thing about me. Let's have some fun.[...]


Elledes, Master, Iowa

Looking for a full-time Slave


Elledes : I will be in control of everything. You will have no power or decision making abilities. You will be used and abused as I see fit. I am looking for a monogamous slave over 18 who is either a sissy fem[...]

Lizzy, Sissy Slut, Iowa

Want castrated !


Lizzy : Can anybody achieve this to happen I need this to happen ASAP as soon as possible ! Sick of having these nuts they need to go I'm willing to do anything that It takes to get this done.[...]

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