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Lizzy, Sissy Slut, Iowa

Want castrated !


Lizzy : Can anybody achieve this to happen I need this to happen ASAP as soon as possible ! Sick of having these nuts they need to go I'm willing to do anything that It takes to get this done.[...]

Becca, Sissy Slut, Iowa

I am looking for a gangbang and or being owned/trained to serve


Becca : Email me if u are real and can make this happen ! I don't tribute unless we meet in person. I'm in Do lotta kinks I'm healthy no diseases I like anything except for I am not into scat, PIss, blood bea[...]

Lizzy kate, Cross Dresser, Iowa

Looking to be turned into a sissy cum cock slut to female!


Lizzy kate : Have enough money in collections to have surgeries, just need a woman or group of bbc to actually feminize me so I can act like a real woman! Any takers? I am just a toy for pleasure, not mine of cou[...]

Katie, Sissy Slut, Iowa

Sissy slut for real time anything !


Katie : Make me take cock, make me into a bondage painnslut, I want it ! I don't think there's one Mistress out there that could even try to even make me a female in real life ! Prove me wrong ladies I will b[...]

Lizzy , Men slave, Iowa

Is anyone real on here or is this a just text dynamic!


Lizzy : I Will be your complete and total slave I will do anything that you asked me I have very little limits just your normal Moral ones and would like to be transitioned into a fully functional female of w[...]

Katie, Submissive Male, Iowa

Need a woman to have me broken in, trained, used, transformed and hypnotized!


Katie : I am looking to be put in a cage, in a rubber suit if need be. I want vinyl chord run through my sinuses through my mouth and attached to a gag ball to be put in my mouth so I canít speak. I basically[...]

lizzybeth6975, Sissy Slut, Iowa

I am a male sissy slut looking to be transformed


lizzybeth6975 : Wanna be turned into a female for real ! Have done the hormone thing and i am at a point where i am ready to be owned and trained to be a female. I will pay for surgeries through what i own being liqu[...]


Zoey, BDSM party, Iowa

Looking for Some BDSM buddies to party with!


Zoey : Iím new in town so Iím really eager to find some BDSM friends in the scene around here. Iím single, and not looking for anything serious right now. But I love going to weekly parties and making new [...]

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