BDSM practitioners from state Georgia : see personals


Martin, Men slave, Georgia

I wanna try being blackmailed


Martin : I wanna try being blackmailed and owned if there is soemone who could show me i would.
Really apriciate that i have sister She is 19 and brother 15 years i just wanna someone to text.[...]


Csatisfy, Submissive Male, Georgia

Inexperienced and dedicated boy looking for master to serve


Csatisfy : Looking for a real relationship with a master who wants to train me to please him in every way and is willing to commit.

I'd like to build a relationship, and see if it can turn into a [...]


slaverandy, Master, Georgia

Cruel sadistic leather master needed


slaverandy : I am seeking a rude arrogant self concieted selfish sadistic smoking foul mouthed leather master who is ready to take pocession of a slave.[...]

AA Sub/Simp

AA Sub/Simp, Submissive Male, Georgia

Aa sub simp looking for the right woman


AA Sub/Simp : 30 Year Old, Sub Simp, Looking for the right women.
(21-50 No racial hangups)
Looking for long or short term relationship, private or public.
I'm AA, professional type, discreet, [...]

filipinaSub4Dom, Submissive Women, Georgia

Married Filipina Jehovah's Witness seeing DOM


filipinaSub4Dom : I love men using me as a cum dump and sending me home to my wonderful hubby. I really enjoy aggressive men who know what 3 holes in a woman are made for. [...]


4U2Worship, Dominant Female, Georgia

I want to play with you


4U2Worship : Opening your ass as far as I can fucking you with a variety of toys then sit on your face while I cum all over it til I let you cum you will beg me for it. Be a good boy [...]

Dom247, Master, Georgia

Submit to me for joy


Dom247 : I get it you are lost.
But not a lost cause ; you simply need guidance.
A push in the right direction.
Perhaps a helping hand.
A life line in not often found in these dark [...]


MommaFendi, Dominant Female, Georgia

Let me dominate you ! Selectd beginners


MommaFendi : Want to be dominated ? Look no further i am now your master !

Do everything i desire and you will be Rewarded well i mean dominated.[...]

MistressSeeker2021, Men slave, Georgia

I want to be used


MistressSeeker2021 : I'm a submissive man who want to be used.
Use me to serve you sexually.
Use me as a house slave.
Make me cut your grass and wash your car.
Use me as you will and have fun w[...]

lovelydiva, Dominant Female, Georgia

Seeking for a sub for a LTR


lovelydiva : Maybe it sounds too corny, but I believe in love. I have no secrets from my loved ones. I am ready to tell you everything that you would like to know! With me you will find out what happiness really i[...]

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