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PolyCouplePNW is available now :

Warning, this is a long profile. We answer many questions you may have here so we don't have to keep answering them over and over. Please take the time to read our entire profile before contacting us. It is a great way to show respect and true interest in becoming a part of our lives.

Him, Sadistic, sexual, and looking for new victims.
Her, controlling, spiritual, and occasionally submissive to him but otherwise Queen of the house.
Us, after close to a decade together, ready to build a poly, pagan, multi gender household in the Pacific Northwest.
You, honest, reliable, interested or willing to learn about the metaphysical, and willing to relocate.

Bonus points for the following.
Military service.
Play piano or another instrument.
Higher educational degree.
Interest in building computer games.
Gardening experience and interest.
Interest or experience writing, editing, or publishing fantasy fiction or fan fiction.
Interest or experience in martial arts.
Interest or experience in fresh water aquariums.
Pet lover (our fur babies love to cuddle with everyone)

He works in IT from home and is currently writing a dark fantasy novel. He has several degrees and enjoys building computer games, watching historical documentaries, and seeing her happy. He also enjoys goth and industrial subculture events, heavy metal (especially female-fronted), and dancing when he was in better shape.

She manages the household and is currently working on the foundation for a large spiritual organization with a heavy pagan influence. Before the pandemic she spent much of her free time volunteering for a couple of performing arts organizations but will not likely return to doing so any time soon. She enjoys musical theatre, crafts, organization, and exploring energy work.

We have a combined 40 years of active experience in the BDSM lifestyle including play parties, public play spaces, the production team of a weeklong kink campout, teaching at public events, had a kink related nonprofit, fully owned both male and female slaves, participated in munches and events around the pacific northwest and around the country, hosted munches and play parties in our home, and time as a professional dominant. We are realistic about this relationship dynamic as an everyday lifestyle as opposed to online play and fake protocol sometimes seen at public events. Do not expect to be kept naked, in chains, and stuffed with toys 24/7. That is unsafe and not a realistic way to live long term.

The ideal candidates will be open minded and understand that this is a long term, real life opportunity. Everyone in the household is expected to help with chores, contribute financially, and be part of the family. This means participating in family activities whether that be relaxing in front of the TV, preparing for a spiritual activity, or enjoying a bonfire and s'mores out back. It is okay to be an introvert and there will be a good deal of unstructured time. However structured time is not optional. Expect to share a room with one other person of the same gender.

We plan to add up to seven that we will own to our household over the next few years. Each person will have their own unique dynamic with us so we are open to a variety of needs and experience levels. A hierarchy will likely develop as that is the natural tendency of human beings. We do not plan to designate who is where in the hierarchy but to allow it to naturally evolve as the family grows together.

Couples are encouraged to apply and would likely have a room of their own.

Trans and CD folx may contact us however do not expect us to actively participate in your dressing or trans experience. That is not where our focus is and would take too much away from everyone else.

Switches are welcome to contact us. Please remember that while you may consider yourself a switch you will always be submissive to both of us and you will not have any authority over anyone unless or until we give it to you.

For those who identify as a sissy, yes you may contact us but keep this in mind I know what you mean when you say sissy but I am not sure that you know what the term actually means. Sissy is a derogative term for someone who acts in a stereotypical female way. Why, as a woman, would I encourage the concept that dressing or acting like a female is a negative thing ? Being a female is something to celebrate, not something to use as an insult or humiliation. A man who wants the freedom to be female is empowered, now cowardly. I understand the concept of wanting the worst humiliation someone can come up with but to decide that means being a female is just another act of the patriarchy. Yes, some female dominants have bought into the concept. It doesn't make it any less insulting to those of us who are intelligent enough to know what it really means.

If you live outside of the USA you are welcome to contact us but please be advised that you will only be considered once you have an immigration plan that does not include marrying anyone in the household or being in the country illegally. The only exceptions might be females of exceptional quality who have the financial ability to get here on their own and the education and career experience to, in our opinion, quickly find employment. In that case if we have a male who has the ability to sponsor you we will consider your situation.

Our hard limits.

- Anything that threatens anyone's physical-mental-spiritual health or safety (unprotected sex with anyone outside the household, eating feces, roaming a bad neighborhood alone, death, etc. )
- Not reading our hard limits so please use the word abracadabra in the first line of your message so we know that you read our entire profile.
- Giving money to potential subs/slaves who do not live in our home. If you need help getting here, we can pick you up if you are local or purchase a non-refundable bus ticket.
- Anything that has to do with any fur babies (We have1 dog, 2 cats).
- Anything illegal (do we really have to give examples ? )
- Use of guns as a BDSM activity-prop (We are not anti-gun, we just respect them enough to not use them in play).
- Daily recreational drug or alcohol use or use of drugs or alcohol during BDSM activities. Occasional use of those substances is fine.
- Smoking - She has minor asthma and just can't handle the particles of cigarette smoke that stay on a person after they have been smoking. An occasional cigar, pipe or other substance smoked outside the house is fine.

Pictures of us are available to trade.

Geographical information

State : Washington

County : Snohomish

City : Everett

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