Trained experienced slave girl for curl master to use abuse torture as he pleases

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Hello I'm Johanna Marie my family and friends call me Joie Marie or Joie girl.
I am 39 years old with over 20 years experience in the bdsm master/slave lifestyle relationship I've been a registered slave girl since 2002 (SLRN Registration) look it up for yourself it exist I am posting this hoping to find my second master or first mistress or master/mistress couple to serve I lost my first master to the covid 19 virus I am use to being restrained 24/7 not being allowed to do anything without master's okay that even meant what I was allowed to wear from day to day if anything some days I am on the short side in height (4ft 11in tall) petite body size I wear custom 5/16 stainless steel chain bracelets on both my wrists, and my ankles (chain anklets I call them) 24/7 I can't remove theses chains period they are welded closed on my wrists and ankles I wear them with extreme pride.
I absolutely love bondage the more restrain I am the more I enjoy it I love being forced to orgasm forced to cum forced to suck cock/BJ I am a pain slut as they call me I love and enjoy clover nipple clamps on my nipples and my libias/vagina I have very few limits I absolutely love enjoy a sexual torturing where no matter what I say or ask you just keep increasing the pain turning up the fu-king machine increasing how fast my clit is being vibrated you keep forcing me to cum orgasm cum orgasm repeatedly until master/mistress/both are happy I am available right now if you live near Baltimore MD area I ask only those who live in the United States only please respond if any messages are from overseas or are fake I will report them to mybdsmpartner and will block your email thank you.

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State : Maryland

County : Carroll

City : Westminster

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Re : Trained experienced slave girl for curl master to use abuse torture as he pleases

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