Submissive SSBBW (40F) Asexual Pain Enthusiast Virgin seeking a nerdy, fun, strict Master

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    I'm Crazy_Kitty_Cat ;)

    I'm a Women Slave

    I'm looking for BDSM partners !


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Hello party peeps,

About me:

I'm a large woman. (5'10 360 lbs)
I'm a virgin and for the most part I am indifferent about losing my virginity.
I live with my best friend who also happens to be my sister. She saved my life and will always come first.
I also can't host. Again I live with my sis.
What I'm looking for

I will be very specific. I am looking for a Dominant person. I have several fantasies I am looking to fulfill. For these fantasies we need to be somewhat close to each other, as far as location.

My top five things on my Fuck-it List

I want to be caned and/or belted until I cry.
I want to have my breast tortured until I cry (cane, hot wax, clamps, etc).
I want to be driven around tide up in a car. Either naked or specified attire. Ideally spread eagle on a truck bed or back of an SUV or Mini Van
I want to have to service you in a domestic servitude setting.
I would love to loose my virginity in a consensual/non consensual setting.
To achieve these goals I would love to talk and work out the details including some sort of contract for lack of a better term.

If you are interested please respond with a :) face in the title so I know you read my profile.

Please know, I am content knowing these fantasies may never come to life and I am fine with that. We must have trust, respect, and a connection. Im not doing anything without that.

Hard Limits

Deep throating
Peace, love, and kinkyness!

Be kind to everyone, even us masochists.

Geographical information

State : Pennsylvania

County : York

City : York

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Re : Submissive SSBBW (40F) Asexual Pain Enthusiast Virgin seeking a nerdy, fun, strict Master

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