Seeking a new Temple to serve my new Goddess

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    I'm Trey peg ;)

    I'm a Submissive Male

    I'm looking for BDSM partners !


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I'm a sex addict I'm an animal I need someone to control me I need I need me a white goddess to control my urges to cage me up to degrade me to enslave me and to Peg me whenever she's frustrated whenever I can also be a party favor for a friends i want to be her sex toy I want to be her pet she needs to train me to live her way I want to forget about the outside world and just live for her, orgasms and her 24/7 slave.

1 Sexual fantasy of Mine. I will be chained up n'my mistress take her frustration out on me starts spiting on me and cussing me out. Then she start to peg the fuck out of me. While she fucks me she screams for her to other 2 female friends then tells them to join in. Im on all 4s my mistress is pegging me 1 friend is sucking my dick and the other face fucking me its non stop because they keep rotating positions.

Im seeking Thick or fit goddess ( preferably Caucasian) who will fucc me like a slut treat me as such train me like a dog like animal that Im asking for my new mistress to break me and remake me to the perfect slave for her brain wash me til all i know is you and only make me believe that you are a goddess of life and I need you to survive.

Geographical information

State : Missouri

County : Saint Charles

City : Saint-Peters

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Trey peg

Re : Seeking a new Temple to serve my new Goddess

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