Submissive Oral Englishman wants to eay a beautiful woman's Shit

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I am an extremely sexually-submissive ( assertive and dominant in everyday life) kinky, mature, bisexual Englishman. I am extremely oral and this has developed into a strong Human Toilet fetish over the years. I am experienced at being fed piss and scat. I adore it when a beautiful woman takes pleasure in having an older, respectable gentleman's head beneath her ass as he enthusiastically begs her to feed him all of her delicious fresh piss, period blood and shit. I want a beautiful woman to feed me all of her waste for me to taste and swallow it all down. Ideally there would sometimes be days when this is all that I eat and drink. I know that this is a depraved and perverted desire but I need it so badly, I don't know why but I do. Please piss and shit in my mouth.

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State : Florida

County : Pinellas

City : Saint-Pete-Beach

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Re : Submissive Oral Englishman wants to eay a beautiful woman's Shit

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