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My name is Chris and I'm a 51 year old retired Marine who is seeking a long-term, live-in, D/s relationship with the right Domme/Domina.
My Mistress is seeking a submissive male that is extremely loyal, honest, loving, caring, empathetic, compassionate, easygoing, playful, silly, passionate, giving, protective, goofy, dedicated, romantic, sentimental, and once I've committed to you I'm completely dedicated to the total satisfaction and pleasure of my Domme/Domina I also seek and strive to give my Domme/Domina emotional and spiritual comfort when life gives her more than even My Strong Powerful Goddess can handle. I've lived my entire life as a Type A personality or an Alpha Male, if you will. I served many years in the United States Marine Corps as well as having worked as a Carpenter building and remodeling homes and finally working as a Stone Mason. I eventually started my own Masonry business business and it was operational for two years before I injured my back and closed up shop. I mention all of that to say this... I'm longing and aching to give my everything to the right Domme/Domina I will submit myself completely to Her, bowing down before Her and leaving at Her feet my male ego, pride, lust, anger, worries, sexuality, needs, wants, desires, dreams, hope's, secrets, truths, emotions, fears, and my entire manhood. I entrust all of these things to the Wisdom of my Goddess and She knows exactly how to prune away those aspects of my personality and character that aren't helpful to my ultimate goal and purpose of serving Her. My Goddess will also know how to shape and mold what's left into exactly what I need to strengthen my ability to become the very best person and submissive I can be. I will rise up from the warmth, comfort and grace of My Goddesses feet with a brand new sense of self and purpose to my life and I will know in my bones that I've made the right decision and that I've finally found my Comfort and my Home. Once I've submitted to Her I will have died to my old self and in death is where my past shall forever remain.
I feel that it's very important for any and all potential Dommes/Domina to realize I will not transfer funds to your account I will not buy gift cards, gifts or anything else for you until we are in the relationship that I'm seeking. You see I know my value and all the wonderful things I bring into any relationship and paying for attention, affection or love is equivalent to paying a prostitute or escort and I would never treat My Mistress with such a lack respect. Once our relationship is established for a time I plan upon financially submitting to my Domme/Domina and giving Her full access to 100% of my funds to use as she sees fit. Finally it's important that She know that I'm seeking and desiring a Loving, mutually respectful, nurturing emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually stable and fulfilling relationship with My Domme/Domina. I wish for my duties to include protecting, supporting, encouraging, uplifting, providing for and giving to my Domme/Domina by cleaning, cooking, doing dishes, washing clothes and pampering my Domme/Domina in all the different ways that She enjoys. I'm excited to hear from the Domme/Domina who's heart is telling Her that this is my perfect submissive and I must Own him, educate him, nurture him, shape and mold him until he's refined into nothing less than Perfection in my eyes. Thank You for taking the time to read about me and I invite you to message me if you're interested.

Geographical information

State : Virginia

County : Rockingham

City : Mount-Crawford

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