Tie me up and use me for your pleasure

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    I'm Useme ;)

    I'm a Submissive Male

    I'm looking for BDSM partners !


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Text me If interested 205-269-5483 I want either one of these more than anything i want to be tied up helpless no limits no control no way to get free I will gladly consent to anything no matter how dangerous or permanent it may be for as long as possible I would love to find someone who will tie me up and use me for there pleasure and torture me humiliate degrade me and do anything they want to me for as long as possible I want to be tied up in a park or in the woods order n'a abandoned house in public I don't care if you are a guy or girl or multiple people when you are done please leave me there tied up and blindfolded and gagged or I would love to be owned as a slave with no rights or freedom to be used as a piece of property never to be free again.

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State : Alabama

County : Winston

City : Lynn

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