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I am a good and honest man of honorable character. I seek that rarest of things, a genuine, worthwhile connection with a woman whose mind I can admire and whose approval and company I desire.

I am young for my age, with masculine good looks, and intellectual mind with broad cultural interests, who has a great love of pleasing a worthy lady, and who seeks someone not too far from 50 years old who would never vote for Donald Trump if he were the last person on earth.

I have enough experience with kink-related relationships to know the difference between the genuine article and the time-wasters.

This does not mean I would not be interested in getting to know someone who has little or no experience, so long as there is potential for real life connection and personal compatibility.

Women have often remarked that they cannot believe I have never married. My private life is exactly that, private. So, I cannot tell these vanilla people that my sexual orientation simply isn't for anyone.

But it is most-definitely for the sort of woman who make our mutual friends and families think we make such a good couple, without anyone aware of what goes on behind the closed doors where she commands more than just my attention, as she indulges in her favorite activities of giving frequent spankings and receiving frequent cunnilingus.

I am not in the habit of speaking to strangers about such blatantly sexual details. But compatibility is even more important in kink relationships than less adventurous ones.

The other details of the D/s dynamics, in or out of the bedroom, can be discussed to whatever degree you wish, Maam, you should reach out to me privately. I am open to exploring or submitting to whatever else is on your list of favorite things to do when alone with a significant other.

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State : New York

County : Kings

City : Brooklyn

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