Personal ads for BDSM practitioners looking for real partners

Goddess_Carly, Mistress, Florida

Bdsm for all kinks


Goddess_Carly : I would like to know about you and would be glad to explore you on the BDSM Lifestyle... Eight three two two seven one six seven two four... It will be a great pleasure for me to have you suckled, fuc[...]


MasterJohn454, Master, North Carolina

Young but experienced dom looking to care for a slave.


MasterJohn454 : I'm John 18 6, 1 physically fit enough to chase you down a parking lot. My limits are scat, blood, and piercing the body. I do like exhibition, physical punishment, and pet play. If you're interested [...]

Sissy Slave Pet 35, Submissive Male, Virginia

New to this, looking for someone who is understanding


Sissy Slave Pet 35 : I am new to this and I am honestly looking for someone who is understanding and kind and very serious. That want to own me and take me away so I can become a sissy lave pet forever. I am not looking t[...]


sissy, Sissy Slut, California

Sub cd looing for dom daddy


sissy : I am 59married most of my life 59 attractive masculine but really love to pnp be sub to a dom guy that wants to make me his sissy slut looing for on going see if you can make me into a sissy whore.[...]

Shes_twisted, Fetish Female, Georgia

Help make my neck fetish a reality. Women only !!


Shes_twisted : I'm new to this but I only have one fetish. I have neck fetish but it's only for the female neck and is very different than what most neck fetishes are. I have a neck flexibility fetish. I love seeing[...]


BadMonkey915, BDSM party, Texas

angry meme review


BadMonkey915 : Not sure if this will make it for the next AMR... But, we'll see.

Oh, and in need of a few subs that are into choking. Say my name.


P. S. [...]

Betty, Cross Dresser, Minnesota

More than toys!!!! Bbc gangbang


Betty : I am tall, not fat, not thin, but working on fatter ass and wider hips! Been on hormones for 20 months, member is almost 2.5, trying for 1! It dont get hard anymore either! Only had toys, no real co[...]


ladymaggie, Dominant Female, California

Looking for a submissive male for BDSM sessions


ladymaggie : My resourceful, creative personality will guide you into the divergent, dichotomous domain of sensual, strict, enthralling, inspirational and at times sadistic. A fusion of kindred souls. My instincti[...]

Jason, Master, Virginia

Seeking a submissive male/female


Jason : I desire a submissive who will obey and not question my authority as a Master, I'm open to long distance and in person relationships. I do verification videos first so we both know we are serious.[...]

Master Norman , Master, Virginia

Seeking a sub into Long distance relationship/in person


Master Norman : I seek a submissive submissive male/female who would be happy to be my du*my and toy to use and abu*e and would love to get humiliated every single day, im open to long distance relationship as well.[...]

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