BDSM practitioners from Honolulu county (Hawaii state) : see personals


EmpressDrew11, Dominant Female, Hawaii

Soak my sun if you dare !


EmpressDrew11 : Hi sexy sub. I'm a curvy classy Dominant female seeking new sub's and slave's to explore with as I just released all my old slaves off their contract. I'm spontaneous and totally fun. You'll love ever[...]

Naughty Natalie

Naughty Natalie, Dominatrix, Hawaii

Naughty Natalie is looking for NEW subs for INTENSE femdom! Men ONLY!


Naughty Natalie : I am looking for new slaves, men only! Any race, any age (over 18, duh) welcome! You must be submissive and you must be interested in XXXtreme play. I'm into ball busting, stepping/kicking, bondage, [...]

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