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UNlimitedUSEme, Submissive Male, New Jersey

Lick, suck, swallow and suffer !


UNlimitedUSEme : Offer my whole body ; My needs are Not more important than ANY of YOURS, but, i AM an object. An object You Can Well Use... Hard ! Do with me that you cannot DO to others. Endure punishments with mark[...]


Analeyesyou, Master, Kentucky

Vetted Master/Dominant Looking locally for a slave/submissive


Analeyesyou : I've been in this realm for a long time and have been to The Folsom Street Fair numerous times, was a Dungeon Master/Monitor in many California cities along with cities in NV, AZ, NM, OK, MA, ME, NH a[...]


Jamie, Submissive Male, Florida

Kinky Bottom with nice body


Jamie : Hi, I am 6', 59yo, 205, long legged, born without body hair, smooth skin, great body and a bottom only, divorced about 4 years ago, was just a straight married guy. I am not a fem or have fem features[...]


asiansubb2own, Submissive Women, California

Horny asian sub girl looking for dominant man to own her and sisters


asiansubb2own : I am very adventurous and i am looking to meet a Dominant man that loves exploring and trying out as many activities as possible.I have a high sex drive and i am quite good domestically[...]


GoddessGranny, Dominant Female, Florida

I am seeking for a very serious sub


GoddessGranny : I am a mistress that wishes to have a slave as my own personal pet and for my personal use only... I want a slave that will allow me use him for my pleasure, I want to assure you that with me you will[...]

Zoe K.

Zoe K., BDSM party, Idaho

F seeking bdsm playmates in boise for bondage, hot wax, spanking no sex at first


Zoe K. : Hi, I'm new to Boise and I'm looking for some new playmates ! What I'd really like is to connect with a local group or regular gathering, but I am also open to hearing from individuals. I'm into hot w[...]