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coreflare, Dominant Female, West Virginia

Mistress looking for a slave.


coreflare : I want you to be mine alone. You must be ready for all my requests. Virtual slavery is a start, if you are worth it, I will meet with you. Experience doesn't matter, just be open and willing. My desir[...]

gunfighter, Dominant Man, West Virginia

Male dom 79 limited to on line/telephone seeks gifted female for last sub


gunfighter : No requirements other than sincerity and a true desire to please. You will be treasured. I would appreciate any honest responses. I realize this is an unusual posting, however I am hoping for one repl[...]

ExoticFetish69, Male for Piss And Scat, West Virginia

Looking for dominant mistress


ExoticFetish69 : I'm looking for mistress who will use me as a toilet whenever she wants. Willing to sign agreement to be in service to mistress for how many ever years mistress wants.[...]

spankurfanny9, Dominant Man, West Virginia

Do you need a spanking


spankurfanny9 : If you need or require a spanking. I am a caring and gentle spanker. I have spanked many naughty ladies that did not study for a tutoring session.[...]

ExoticFetish69, Male for Piss And Scat, West Virginia

Extreme fetish lovers


ExoticFetish69 : Looking for a woman or multiple women that into BDSM. I like being used by a woman or several women as toilet slave. I like being pissed on, farted on, and getting shit on. If you interested in being [...]

nauteeboy696969, Submissive Male, West Virginia

Do you need a spankee and pegging slut


nauteeboy696969 : I am looking for a lady that can keep this wild child on a leash. Do you love haing your pussy licked.[...]

Umbrella Ella Ella

Umbrella Ella Ella, Trans / Shemale, West Virginia

Submissive Tranny Girl Looking for a Master


Umbrella Ella Ella : Hi, I'm Ella! I'm a trans girl, I've been on hormones for a few years, and I pass very well. I do still have my original equipment if you know what I mean! I'm looking for a master, someone who is[...]

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