BDSM practitioners from state Arkansas : see personals

Mistress g

Mistress g, Dominant Female, Arkansas

Looking for the potential submissive man


Mistress g : I am looking for a long term relationship.. I have been into the lifestyle all my life and have trained and owned about 2 slaves... I am looking for something serious. A devoted and submissive man.[...]

Chontle, Submissive Male, Arkansas

Newbie submissive here


Chontle : I'm a new submissive here.
Looking too find someone that can teach me the hard way.
To fallow orders and directions.
Would love to find someone that can take me as his/her persona[...]


Jake, Couple, Arkansas

My sweet goddess need a loyal and humble slaves to dominate


Jake : My sweet godmother is now accepting new subs for her to dominate and take full control on.

Feel free to dm her for your hot and lovely sessions and she is also down for both long term a[...]

Bentbob, Curious Male, Arkansas

Seeking femdom strapon mistress


Bentbob : Looking for bound masked strapon deepthroat training.
Open to discuss more.
Many fantasies unfulfilled.
Prefer rougher no nonsense types.
Interested in sharing fantasies.

slave12354, Submissive Women, Arkansas

Online master or mistress who is fine with being only virtual


slave12354 : I am looking for a master/mistress who is fine with being only virtual. I am looking for a master/mistress who will take what they want and punish me when i have been bad.[...]

Scatlover69, Submissive Male, Arkansas

In need of a real nasty woman


Scatlover69 : Want to be forced to eat unclean pussy and ass the more hair on the pussy and ass the better love to suck stinky feet dont care if your 100 pounds or 300 if you want to hook up lets do it[...]

Pooplover69, Female for Piss And Scat, Arkansas

Wanting ugly big girl for feet fart and liquid poop


Pooplover69 : Like my last post this one is for bbw wanting to find a ssbbw that is very stinky want her to sweat all day then wear the same socks and panties for 2 days not wipping for 2 days and full of bass want[...]

Pooplover69, Male for Piss And Scat, Arkansas

Need a girl or girls to make me her or their toilet


Pooplover69 : I want to be forced to eat farts and piss and scat want her to be unwashed unclean stinky everywhere want someone with a nasty bush to cut and make me swallow I am a freak but I am very good looking[...]


Ariana, Curious Female, Arkansas

Ready to explore! F seeking M ONLY for fetish latex toy play!


Ariana : Iím ready to take my sex life to the next level and explore my fetishes. Iíve denied myself for far too long. Iím mainly interested in latex, toys, and bondage. However, I am willing to fool around an[...]

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