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Urneufuctoi, Cross Dresser, Oregon

Full-time sissy seeks master who is also a truck driver


Urneufuctoi : It may sound silly but I grew up on a farm in Iowa and I'm still drawing mostly to Blue collar men... There is nothing hotter than that truck driver to me anyway and I like large men too so I'm the gu[...]


Humble, Pegging, Oregon

Looking for peg


Humble : So miss you. Loved your female assertiveness. You did all the work, I enjoyed you taking the lead and I let you bask in the role reversal. Happy to connect with you again or one of your girl friends t[...]

Slave_For_Men, Bondage, Oregon

Girl needs man who treats me like I am worthless


Slave_For_Men : I want to find the man forever.
He is dominant, knows that women are great subs.
He treats me like I am worthless.

You got it. I am only a girl.[...]


CindiLee, Trans / Shemale, Oregon

What does a girl have to do to get some cock ?


CindiLee : I'm a hottie MILF sissy fagot chick with a dick who never ever gets close enough hard cock up inside me so I don't know what I'm doing wrong If you're in Multnomah county and you want some first class[...]

DDay The Cannibal, Dominant Man, Oregon

29 Male Dominant seeking Female Submissive


DDay The Cannibal : Alright I'll cut to the chase. I enjoy complete control, even remotely at all times. As in what I say goes. I'm looking for a women who wants to be controlled sexually by someone online and possibl[...]

Sin dee, Sissy Slut, Oregon

Seeking my Chubby Master


Sin dee : I have an undeniable attraction to large men Chubby men so seeking my chubby Master whom I hope will use me to make porn and or pimp me out that would be hot when I find the right man I'm going to giv[...]


Amber, Sissy Slut, Oregon

Pathetic Worthless Cum-Slut Whore Seeks Master to serve and obey


Amber : Hottie M.I.L.F. Chick-with-a-Dick Anal slave seek Master for eventual 24/7. I know my place and it's on my back taking cock, however the Man chooses to give it. Hopefully find a Master who will share[...]

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