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Bdsmslave, Submissive Male, Utah

I wanna become a slave


Bdsmslave : I'm looking for a Dominant Mistress to make me her slave and train me however she see fit I would be more then willing to perform oral sex, bondage, femdom worship I would lick your ass or feet any Mi[...]

Slave5506, Submissive Male, Utah

To become the slave of a dominant Mistress


Slave5506 : Hi I'm a 35 year old male looking to become the slave of a dominant Mistress that would be willing to train me to fulfill her needs.
To any Mistress that sees this will you pls allow me to serv[...]

Naughty Nora

Naughty Nora, BDSM party, Utah

Femdom with body hair fetish seeking male slaves who love licking sweaty pubes


Naughty Nora : I am looking for male slaves who love nothing better than washing mistressís armpits with their tongue, sucking the pussy juice out of her bush, and licking asshole hair. I am very proud of my body h[...]

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