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Linda rose, Dominant Female, California

Seeking a submissive male/slave /slut


Linda rose : I'm seeking for a loyal companion something fun and exciting.. Preferably Trans or submissive male/slave to explore my kinks with. My kinks goes as follow : Medical Fet, Tickling, Forced feminization,[...]

GM99, Submissive Male, California

Sub looking for femdomme


GM99 : Hello I'm a 23M. I am looking for a mistress. I am interested in pegging, domination, cbtetc. I have already been pegged a couple of times so I am not all that new. I am always looking to be someone'[...]


new2this, Pegging, California

Hot fit guy looking for a female to peg me


new2this : I used to get pegged by my ex GF a long time ago ever since then ive used dildos but its not the same as when a girl with a strapon really gives it to you. Me and my ex were very kinky and i loved it.[...]


Queengoddesseve, Dominatrix, California

I'm seeking a sub/little. One that knows to listen and obey


Queengoddesseve : Hi and thanks for looking ! I am interested in a single, white, BBW for an interracial cuckolding relationship. I am naturally Dominant by nature. I am also kind and fun.[...]


Mickey, Sissy Slut, California

Sub Sissy Slut Looking for Master or Mistress to hold the key to my cock cage


Mickey : You can call me Mike, Mickey, or Michelle, whatever you prefer, Mistress or Master. Ill call you whatever you want. Im a submissive sissy slut and I desperately need a strong, dominant master or mi[...]

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