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Matti, Submissive Male, Minnesota

Looking for an aggressive dominatrix


Matti : 32 years old, submissive male in need of an aggressive woman who won't hold back while disciplining me with physical and mental pain.
I am Slave type. I'm looking for pain, humiliation and any [...]


NewSub, Submissive Male, Washington

Looking for Dom female


NewSub : I am needing a freaky bad bitch to be my mistress and defile the shit out of what I thought I was before you gave me my real shape. 360-529-9513 Claim now? At least chat me up if you a[...]


Hanahbas1, BDSM party, Alabama

I'm seeking a sub slut sissy for an orgasm denial


Hanahbas1 : I'm into orgasm denial, worship. I'm looking for a sub slut sissy for fun. I like to see you begging me to finally cum and reach orgasm. Contact-me please ![...]


Sasha69, Sissy Slut, Illinois

Submissive sissy slave, looking for couple or dominant people love bdsm games and being a maid


Sasha69 : Submissive sissy slave, looking for couple or dominant people love bdsm games and being a maid I am 26 years old, sweet and submissive LiveI Palatine IL Kik: Vasya97 [...]


Pissboydrinker6969, Submissive Male, Indiana

Love golden showers with women


Pissboydrinker6969 : I love being pissed on and in my mouth from women love 4/6 women to give me a nice huge piss golden shower be a slave drink piss from a funnel drink piss from multiple women.[...]


Footslave1971, Submissive Male, North Carolina

Foot slave for female


Footslave1971 : I'd love to be a slave for a female I also like bondage and i liked to be played with i like to be forced to smell womans feet and shoes and socks and forced to lick her feet i also like to be owned b[...]