Small dick loser slave

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Looking for a Mistress that will use me without second thoughts. Only to satisfy her own desires. I am trained in many areas by my previous Mistress/Owner including toilet, piss drinking, golden showers, pain, bondage, public disgrace and humiliation, cage and confinement and being pegged. I have also been given to alpha males to perform oral on them and to allow them to use me like a sissy. I am not gay, just obeying my Mistress. I also prefer wearing women's panties and if I have house maid duties, I would prefer to wear a maid's uniform please.

I am obedient, loyal and always truthful to Mistress. I also will beg for punishment if my actions are not pleasing to Mistress.

English is my first language but I do know a little bit of Italian if it makes any difference. I am fairly well educated and have learned a lot in life also. I am above average with numbers and can do simple problems in my head faster than most people can do on paper or with a calculator.

Thank you for listening to this non-human slave and hope to hear from a Mistress soon. If you want, my email is biondoochetta2103 at gee male dot com.

Geographical information

State : Arizona

County : Yuma

City : Yuma

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