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I've been in this realm for a long time and have been to The Folsom Street Fair numerous times, was a Dungeon Master/Monitor in many California cities along with cities in NV, AZ, NM, OK, MA, ME, NH and VT. I'm looking for a female who wants/needs/desires the lifestyle and has little to no experience in the Art of BDSM. I've trained 14 slaves and 11 subs over the years and sometimes they found it wasn't exactly what they fantasized about and left shortly into it or were dismissed for lack of interest or their demeanor. I'm into Headspace for the most part but role playing, spanking, flogging, whipping, bondage, restraints, anal, oral, vaginal and the list is too long to put it all out there. You can ask any questions you may have and all listed is not demanded but your Limits will outline that anyhow. Race is not a factor, Beauty is not a matter, Size is not a problem but age is. Be legal by some years please, I didn't know shit about what I wanted at 18-19 yrs of age so let's raise that bar. On the other spectrum of age, as long as you can handle it I have no issues with a 99 year old. Thanks MV.

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State : Kentucky

County : Fayette

City : Lexington

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