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    I'm Miss J ;)

    I'm a Fetish Female

    I'm looking for BDSM partners !


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I am looking for someone to get to know well that I can trust to serve as a bodyguard and provide me whatever services I require. This would basically be non sexual domestic service. If you have fantasies you want fulfilled and are primarily looking for kink and sex, I cannot provide that to you.

You would : Escort me places.
Chauffeur me.
Give me massages.
Paint my toenails.
Run errands.
Do chores around the house/clean.
If we gained a lot of trust and had a really great rapport (I hope), you might : Sleep over sometimes.
Give me baths.
Masturbate me.

Essentially, I want loyalty, dedication and a bit of a worshipful attitude but while I would be in charge, I am not interested in degrading or humiliating. I prefer mutual respect and even to be confidants.

Geographical information

State : Texas

County : Hays

City : San-Marcos

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Miss J

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