Are you seeking the deepest dark, the thing no one seems to take seriously ? Real slavery ?

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By real slavery, I mean actual genuine no-way-out slavery... To live within a life of extreme, all-encompassing, total, and complete ownership. To be broken mentally through fear, dehumanization, beatings, mental, verbal, and physical abuse till you curl up into a ball after unending months of hard use, abuse, torture, and misery. To get you to the point where you can no longer cry but instead merely give up, even begging for mercy. Till you fall through the five stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance). Only to end up naked, bound, terrified, mentally traumatized, and on your knees in a life of zero self-control or individualism. With no way back to independence within your new/final purpose in life as a full-time slave. Thus, a life of existing as just owned property with no way out once you say yes and disappear into a forever forced-on-you level of fear-based slavery ? If you're worthless and you know it, say so, reach out. Maybe that forbidden reality you've always dreamt of is actually right around the corner... Seekinglongtermproperty at-g-ma-il-dot-com.

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State : California

County : Los Angeles

City : SCV

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Re : Are you seeking the deepest dark, the thing no one seems to take seriously ? Real slavery ?

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