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I am working on a photo collection with the intent of publishing. The subject is submissive women focusing on women who wear a collar to signify their status as a sub. I seek pics you may want to share of yourself wearing a collar. Color pics are preferred. Nude pics of yourself wearing your collar posed in a manner that supports how you feel emotionally when wearing your collar match the subject matter perfectly. I've included a couple of photos to give you a sense for what I am after. If you decide to contribute, do not limit yourself to a single photo although one pic is fine. Multiple photos in different settings is ideal. Be yourself and do not be afraid to look directly into the camera if you are bold enough to do so. And thanks in advance if you do decide to submit some pics. I will keep you informed if and when I do publish the collection.

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State : Michigan

County : Macomb

City : Clinton-Township

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Re : Seeking submissive women for a unique photo project

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