Seeking a submissive thats into older Dominants, under 50

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    I'm henry70 ;)

    I'm a Dominant Man

    I'm looking for BDSM partners !


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Tribute if a good girl, loyal and ready too be mentored my way, limits, trying for know limits in my dance ? About me pole and you must learn too bi or forced or experience bi female ? Hosted here in my place, at flirts and twice a month and you will open all about yourself and bdsm needs ? Erotic and loyal too me in time ? You dont need me too explain but a conversation or to and get starts in the spriritual too move on, were it goes is my decision, try me and tribute can start ? Know brats, or deep punishment is there, learn too and want too travel as its up too starting in philadelphia.

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State : Pennsylvania

County : Philadelphie

City : Philadelphia

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Re : Seeking a submissive thats into older Dominants, under 50

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